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Legal Representation For Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents are always unexpected. Most people know cars are dangerous and that motor vehicle crashes occur with unsettling regularity. But when you go for a walk, are crossing a street or just going from your car in a parking lot, you probably don’t think much about the risk.

Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise

In the last few years, even at a time when most traffic fatalities were declining, pedestrian accidents were increasing, with a corresponding increase in deaths. The cause is unclear, but some suggest that it is due to the increasing use of smartphones, leading to more distracting driving accidents and collisions. While the cause may be unclear, the devastating results of these crashes are abundantly clear.

At Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, our lawyer can help you with the legal consequences of a pedestrian accident. We know how to gather the evidence you may need to prove the driver was responsible. We work to obtain evidence from the crash, including pictures and witness statements, and when necessary, we can look for other evidence, like cellphone records that may detail the driver was actively engaged in texting or some other distracting activity.

Pedestrian Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries

Our attorney also understands that when you are dealing with serious injuries, you need counsel and compassion. We never forget our clients are people, and we work passionately to obtain the compensation you need to cover your existing medical expenses, as well as long-term costs of future surgeries, medical care and therapy that may be necessary after being injured in a pedestrian crash.

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