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Determining Liability After A Head-On Collision: Who Crossed The Line?

A head-on collision often results in serious injuries to one or both drivers. In rare cases, both drivers pass away, making it impossible to obtain testimony from either. In many other cases, one is more seriously injured than the other, depending on the speed, size and angles of the respective vehicles.

In nearly every head-on collision, we can assume that a car or truck was driving the wrong way. However, it can be more complicated than expected to discover which one crossed the center line. This is true because the force of the impact can knock both cars so far out of their original positions that accident reconstruction is particularly difficult.

Accident reconstruction is one of the key challenges in a head-on collision case. Serious and catastrophic injuries — often including head injuries (TBI) for one or both drivers — are another complex factor. It is vital for you to have an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorney on your side as you navigate the financial and legal realities of the aftermath of a head-on collision.

After You Were Hit Head-On, Schedule A Free Consultation With A Knowledgeable Lawyer.

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