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When Speeding Leads To Accidental Injuries

Speed kills. A simple message. But it is one that is difficult to convey. Unless you have been involved in a crash with a vehicle that was driven too fast. The physics of the driving are unforgiving. The faster a vehicle travels, the greater the forces exerted on that vehicle when it strikes an object or another vehicle. And the greater the severity of the injuries inflicted on anyone in or around the vehicle.

Speeding Crashes Occur Every Day

Americans drive more than three trillion miles every year. Congestion in most cities increases daily. Motorists are always in a hurry and need to make up time. When they speed, they may get where they are going sooner, but far too often, that speed leads to a crash or collision, injuries and death.

Our attorney at Glenda Mitchell Law Firm has worked with clients who have been injured in these crashes. We have seen the life-changing injuries people suffer, and we know how important it is to obtain compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Aggressive Representation For Injury Victims

People speed for a variety of reasons. Most believe because they have avoided a crash in previous trips, they won’t suffer a crash this time. Sadly, any time you speed, you increase your risk and place all other motorists near you at risk.

Speeding decreases the reaction time drivers have to events, reduces their control of the vehicle and diminishes the ability of the vehicle to protect occupants from the forces of a crash.

If you have been involved in any crash, you want your lawyer to investigate the circumstance of the crash and build a strong, compelling evidence-based argument for your compensation. Insurance companies are always looking for reasons to deny claims, and we know their tactics, and we adopt strategies to overcome those techniques.

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