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Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle can provide a ride unlike any other. The connection to the machine and rider, the feel of the wind on your face, the thrill of acceleration and control make riding exhilarating. On a beautiful day, riding a motorcycle in the mountains of northern Georgia or South Carolina can be amazing. Until a car doesn’t see you and makes a left turn in front of you.

Experienced Personal Injury Representations

If you have suffered injuries on a motorcycle as the result of a driver’s negligence, we can help. At Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, we are experienced with helping injured people obtain the compensation they need to recover after a crash or collision. Our attorney will investigate your crash, and how the physical and mental harm you have suffered will affect your income, your family and your life, and aggressively work to obtain compensation for your damages.

Crashes Happen In A Fraction Of A Second

Motorcycle accidents can happen to the best riders. Other drivers often fail to see motorcycles. The same is often true of bicycles. Motorists pull out of parking lots, pass another vehicle on the road or make a left turn into the path of a cycle. Riders may attempt to take evasive action and risk hitting another vehicle or object. Our lawyer works with you to learn the facts of your accident and create a strong case for your compensation.

Road Rash To Traumatic Brain Injuries

Motorcycle injuries can range from road rash and a few broken bones to severe and catastrophic, like brain or spinal cord injuries. These type of injures will alter your life, affecting everything from your ability to work and earn income to your most basic quality of life. This can leave you with a lot of questions, but we aim to answer them for you. We work to obtain a comprehensive settlement or verdict that will cover your medical expenses as well as your future costs.

Contact Our Firm Today

Delay can weaken your case, so call us as soon as you can after a motorcycle crash. In Georgia, call our Cartersville office at 864-326-3073. In South Carolina, call our Greenville office at 706-408-8448 for a free initial consultation, or use our convenient form.