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Accident occurs while officer is on pursuit

Multiple people were taken to the hospital after a head-on accident that took place in Georgia on April 4. A state trooper was attempting to pull a driver over for going 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. However, the driver reportedly did not stop for the officer, which led to a pursuit and the collision with a third vehicle that took place on Talmadge Road.

According to authorities, the officer and two people in the third vehicle sustained serious injuries, but those injuries were not said to be life-threatening. The driver who failed to stop for the officer is facing multiple charges. Those charges include hit and run, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer and speeding. He is also facing reckless driving, causing serious injury by vehicle and failing to report an accident that caused damage.

Most truck crashes in one state occur in oil regions

Truck drivers in Georgia may be intrigued to know that in the state of North Dakota, most truck crashes that involve injuries occur in the oil regions. Figures from North Dakota's Vision Zero Plan indicate that around 67% of truck-related crashes between 2012 and 2016 occurred in the state's oil counties. The Vision Zero Plan is a statewide initiative meant to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on the road.

As for the factors in this trend, it appears that truck driver fatigue is a major one. Two crashes on a particular Highway 23 bypass, known as the New Town Truck Reliever Route, have brought up concerns once again about drowsy driving. The bypass was constructed back in 2014 at the cost of $24 million to enhance road safety.

What to do if you are too drowsy to drive

Many safe driving campaigns in the United States focus on the dangers of drinking or texting while driving. However, driving while feeling drowsy can be just as dangerous. In one study, half of American drivers admitted they got behind the wheel at least at one point while feeling too tired to operate a motor vehicle. 

Many people drive after working a double shift or after getting a poor night's sleep. Being awake for more than 20 hours can make you drive as though you have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08, which is the legal limit. To avoid a horrific car accident, it is critical to know when you feel drowsy and what to do. 

Survey: distracted driving rampant around emergency vehicles

In 2013, there were 37 deaths involving fire trucks, police cars or ambulances around the country. In the first four months of 2019, 16 first responders were struck and killed by cars. Now, a survey from the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute has confirmed an unfortunate trend: most drivers become distracted around emergency vehicles, endangering first responders. Atlanta motorists will want to know more.

What most drivers do when they see an emergency vehicle is slow down to get a better look (80 percent admitted to it). Next, they take pictures or videos (71 percent). Sixty-six percent send an email about it, and 60 percent post on social media about it. This was regardless of whether the emergency vehicle was making a routine traffic stop or responding to a crash or fire.

Two critically injured in crash involving police officer

On April 1, a chain-reaction car accident started by a veteran police officer critically injured two people in Georgia. The crash occurred just before 5:30 p.m. on northbound Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County.

According to local media reports, an officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department was driving his police cruiser north on I-85 when he rear-ended a Kia Sorento. The force of the collision caused the Kia to rear-end a Hyundai Elantra ahead of it. Because the accident occurred on a hill, the police cruiser then rolled backward and collided with a Chevy Silverado behind it.

Family hurt in crash with drunk driver

Georgia residents should know that police had to close the intersection of South Carolina Highway 253 and Cedar Lane Road while a crash was being investigated. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office has released details about the crash that occurred the morning of April 7.

A family of four was driving to church that morning when a car sped through the intersection and collided with them, eventually hitting a gas pump at an Energy Market gas station and convenience store. All four of the family members were taken to an area hospital, and their condition has not been revealed. One witness says, however, that a child was thrown from the family's vehicle at the time of the crash.

Cars collide, victim airlifted to hospital

Georgia residents may have heard about a two-car crash that occurred in Anderson County around 9:40 p.m. on March 22. South Carolina Highway Patrol pinpoint the site of the crash as being on US 29 near Smith Motors Road.

It involved an SUV heading north on US 29 and a car driving south on the same highway. The woman driving the car attempted to make a left-hand turn when the two collided. The force of impact sent the two vehicles several hundred feet off the roadway, and the car wound up in a picnic area.

IIHS: pickup passengers more liable to be injured than drivers

Pickup truck owners in Georgia should know the results of some recent crash tests that were conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Since 2017, the IIHS has been testing the safety of both driver and front passenger sides, and it looked at 11 two-row pickups from automakers like GM, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Researchers found that front passenger safety is being neglected compared to driver safety. In fact, passengers in newer pickups are more likely to suffer injury or death in an accident than the drivers. The following is a ranking of the 11 vehicles' front passenger protection.

Premises liability overview for business owners

Business owners in Georgia, regardless of whether they own the actual premises, are responsible for the safety of all who enter their property. In some cases, this can even include trespassers. Owners are thus required to have adequate policies and procedures that help them maintain a reasonably safe environment. Failing to do this can result in injuries and, with that, premises liability lawsuits.

For example, employers may fail to do anything about dangerous conditions like wet floors, debris-covered floors, loose railings, burnt-out lights and torn carpeting. Hazardous conditions may also be found outside, such as icy sidewalks and cracked pavement. These could lead to slip and fall accidents, which are perhaps the most common accidents that result in premises liability claims.

4 easy ways to avoid an elevator accident

Like many of your friends, you love to spend the day in the city shopping, seeing a movie or walking through a museum. Many commercial buildings have elevators. In fact, you have probably walked into countless ones without thinking much about your personal safety. Still, elevator accidents are likely more common than you think.

If you sustain an injury in an elevator, you may need to act quickly to seek compensation from the building's owner. After all, in Georgia, the statute of limitations for premises liability cases is usually just two years. You may, however, be able to still use elevators while avoiding an accident altogether by simply remaining aware. Here are four easy suggestions:

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