What Time Of Day Do Most Distracted Driving Accidents Occur?

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Distracted driving poses a significant threat to road safety. Many car accidents are occurring each year due to drivers not paying adequate attention to the road.

However, some individuals may wonder if there are specific times of the day when these accidents are more likely to happen. Learning more about this topic can help when someone is seeking fair compensation for injuries.

Peak of distraction

Between 6 and 11 p.m., drivers are more likely to turn their attention away from operating their vehicle for an average of nearly two minutes per driving hour. Some people may mistakenly assume early morning drives are the most dangerous time for individuals on the road. However, even morning grogginess cannot compete with distractions at the end of the day.

Late night dangers

In the late hours of the day, the combination of less sunlight and a hungry stomach increases restlessness. Fatigue and the temptation to check notifications or respond to messages influence these accidents as well. Whether someone is returning home from a night out or driving to a graveyard shift, tiredness can impair judgment and reaction times. This makes drivers more open to distractions and increases the likelihood of accidents.

People can suffer from serious spinal cord injuries and even paralysis after a distracted driver crashes into them. Placing electronic devices in another area of the car may help increase willpower and reduce distractions. By putting safety first, people can all play a part in reducing the incidence of accidents on roads.


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