New motorcycle safety tech that may prevent crashes

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Innovations in technology have transformed the way that riders protect themselves on the road. Understanding the newest technology solutions will help riders improve their safety and reduce the severity of crashes.

There are several new advancements to consider before heading out on your next ride.


The introduction of airbags for motorcycle riders marks a leap in safety measures. Wearable vests and jackets include sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, to detect crashes. The sensors activate the airbags almost instantly to cushion your torso before impact. This can minimize your risk of impact injuries, which can be costly and significant.

MIPS helmet systems

Traditional motorcycle helmet designs focused on straight-on impact protection. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are often more complex than that. MIPS helmet technology accounts for those complexities. These helmets address rotational motion that occurs in a crash. The plastic layer on these helmets allows the helmet itself to twist independently on impact, which draws the energy of the impact away from the head.

Collision avoidance

Manufacturers incorporated collision avoidance in cars and trucks for years. Technology has advanced enough that even motorcycles have collision avoidance infrastructure available. Integrated advanced sensors and artificial intelligence monitor the motorcycle’s surroundings to recognize potential collision hazards.

In 2020, 82,528 motorcyclists suffered injuries in crashes. That prevalence highlights the importance of rider safety. In fact, safety should be the paramount concern for motorcycle riders at all times. The advancements in technology and safety make it easier than ever for you to minimize your risks, so consider investing in these devices and other safety equipment to protect yourself on the road.


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