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Important Advice Before Making Statements To Your Insurance Company

Drivers in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are required by state law to maintain insurance coverage. Most drivers assume in the event of an accident, their insurance company will be on their side. Contractually, your insurance company is required to fulfill the terms of its policy.

But here’s something you should keep in mind after any type of accident. Your insurance company does not make money paying claims. If it discovers information that will allow it to deny your claim, it likely will. You should not provide them with this information.

Never Give A Statement Before Speaking With Us

Insurance companies will often ask for a recorded statement after a car accident. It is generally a bad idea to provide such a statement. You may be confused about the accident. You may have been injured — and now under stress. You may be on painkillers or other medication. Even if you believe you know exactly what happened, you could make a mistake and inadvertently give an incorrect version of events.

If you later change your statement or other facts are discovered that contradict your statement, your insurance company could claim you were lying or misrepresenting elements of the incident and use that as grounds to deny your claim. This is an example of why you should call us before your insurance agent.

We Are Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Our attorney at Glenda Mitchell Law Firm knows how insurance companies work. We understand the tactics they employ, and we work aggressively to protect your rights to full compensation from your insurance company or any insurance company. When you work with us, we can handle all of the communication with the insurer, their lawyers, claims adjusters or investigators and ensure that there is no miscommunication that could jeopardize your claim and your recovery.

Contact Our Firm Today

Call us as soon as you can after a crash, as evidence and witnesses become more difficult to locate and secure. In Georgia, call our Cartersville office at 678-721-0417. In Alabama, call our Auburn office at 334-604-7927. In South Carolina, call our Greenville office at 864-326-3073 for a free initial consultation with our attorney, or use our convenient form.