Are The Costs Of Physical Therapy Covered In A Personal Injury Settlement?

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The costs associated with a personal injury add up quickly in many cases. When you negotiate a personal injury settlement, the goal is to cover all of those costs. Getting the most effective settlement starts with understanding the costs you should consider.

You might wonder if you should factor in your physical therapy costs as part of that settlement.

Personal injury settlements

Your settlement should provide you with compensation for your losses and expenses resulting from the accident. What many people do not realize is that these settlements consider more than just your immediate medical costs. In addition to your emergent treatment expenses, your settlement can cover long-term rehabilitation, accommodations for any lasting injuries and any ongoing care.

Physical therapy costs

Physical therapy is important for comprehensive rehabilitation after an injury. The cost of physical therapy varies depending on the severity of the injury, the duration of your therapy and the market rates in your area. When your care provider recommends physical therapy after your accident, those costs are part of the injury claim, and you should factor them into your settlement.

Additional considerations

In some cases, you can seek additional compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, legal expenses and property damage. Consider the scope of the accident and any associated costs to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

According to Forbes, the average settlement after a car accident is $20,235. Understanding the types of compensation you can seek after an injury helps you get a settlement that addresses your financial losses as a whole, not just your current medical costs.


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