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Train Crashes And Other Public Transportation Accidents

An accident involving a vehicle of public transportation may be:

  • A collision between a bicyclist and a city bus or cross-country truck such as a Greyhound bus
  • A collision between a car and a bus or train
  • A passenger injury on a train or bus
  • An accident involving a major carrier such as an airline, Amtrak or MARTA
  • An accident involving a small airplane used for skydiving, commuter aviation services or some other special commercial purpose
  • An accident involving a taxi, an airport shuttle van or an Uber or Lyft vehicle
  • An accident involving a river cruise company’s vessel

In all cases, one of the vehicles is used to transport the public around cities or between cities. These public transportation mediums may be private commercial vehicles or they may be publicly owned. The injured person seeking compensation may need to go through layers of bureaucracy. An experienced, skilled personal injury lawyer can help a great deal — and the sooner, the better.

When public entities are involved, there may be special laws regarding the timeline of submitting an injury claim that would not apply in other personal injury cases. Government bodies may also have built-in liability limitations or exclusions, by law. These are not reasons not to pursue compensation but they are reasons to get an attorney on your case as soon as possible.

At Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, we pride ourselves on exploring all options by which an injured person can recover compensation for medical bills and more. Whether it is a public transportation accident, a workplace injury or a hit-and-run accident, we are always willing to tackle challenging cases for the sake of a client who is courageously dealing with back, head, neck, spine, burn or other serious injuries.

Get Legal Advice After A Public Transportation Accident

Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, from law offices in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina, represents people injured in MARTA light rail train crash accidents, MARTA bus crash accidents and other public transportation accidents. Contact us in Cartersville by email or by calling 678-721-0417 or in Alabama by calling 334-604-7927 or in Greenville by calling 864-326-3073. If you are injured and cannot travel to one of our offices, we can meet you at your home or hospital.