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When Inadequate Security Led To An Assault Or Another Type Of Injury

Property owners and managers owe a duty of care to people who do work, do business or visit their premises. Reasonable security expectations may vary from one facility and set of circumstances to another, possibly including one or more of these provisions:

  • Security alarm systems in elevators, stairwells and other enclosed areas
  • Security guards
  • Security video cameras
  • Adequate lighting in corridors, along walkways or wherever there are steps or stairs

If you were attacked in a parking garage with negligent security or in a parking lot with poor lighting, we can offer a free case evaluation. You may be able to recover compensation from a property owner or manager after an injury on property lacking security services.

Glenda Mitchell Law Firm has helped many people injured in a great variety of circumstances to obtain financial relief as well as a sense of justice. Lawyer Glenda Mitchell can help you bring a premises liability claim after a sexual assault or any act of violence in a public or private place. A successful claim can provide resources for therapy or other ways to rebuild your life.

Did The Place You Got Injured Have Poor Security? Let’s Talk About It.

Contact us after an injury on unsafe premises in Georgia by phone at our Cartersville office: 864-326-3073 — or after an injury in South Carolina at our Greenville office: 678-721-0417 or at 334-604-7927 in Alabama at our Auburn office. We also provide a convenient intake form on this website. Our attorney offers home and hospital visits when necessary.