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Who is Responsible When a Drunk Patron Causes a Crash?

When a commercial establishment serves alcohol to obviously drunk patrons who then drive away and cause accidents, that business can be held accountable through a dram shop claim. A dram shop case confirms that a waiter, waitress or bartender should have noticed someone’s drunkenness and withheld further servings to that customer.

A Business Should Not Serve Alcohol To A Visibly Drunk Customer — Or Too Many Drinks In A Short Time

Bars, restaurants, casinos and other businesses that serve alcohol owe a duty of care to the general public by preventing dangerous actions by drunk customers. It is reasonable to assume that anyone in a bar or restaurant may have arrived by car and may leave by car. With the widespread knowledge that drunk driving leads to accidents, verification of these actions by employees at bars and restaurants can prove the business did not train them adequately — and thereby put the public at risk.

A detailed investigation into the causes of your car, truck or motorcycle accident in Georgia, Alabama or South Carolina may reveal that another driver was under the influence of alcohol. Further investigation can determine where that driver had been before the accident and whether liquor was served.

At Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, we consider all angles of our clients’ cases as we prepare compelling claims and lawsuits. This is one way we pursue maximum available compensation for our clients’ injuries and losses.

Do You Have A Dram Shop Claim? Ask An Attorney.

“Is a bar or restaurant responsible when a drunk patron causes a crash?” Very often the answer is yes. Our law firm can investigate and discover whether a bar or restaurant served alcohol to a customer who then caused your injuries. Contact us in Cartersville at 678-721-0417, or in Auburn at 334-604-7927 or in Greenville at 864-326-3073 or by email through this website to request a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. We make home and hospital visits as necessary.