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When A Crash Involves More Than One Vehicle

Some automobile accidents are by definition more complicated than others because more than one vehicle was involved. Some examples of actual multivehicle accidents have included:

  • Multiple-car pileups on bridges (where there was no shoulder of the road) or icy roads
  • Crashes involving a car that crossed into the opposite direction lane of a street or highway, triggering two or three crashes one after the other
  • T-bone crashes at intersections resulting in rear-end accidents by other approaching vehicles

Many other multivehicle accident scenarios can and do happen. What was the story of the crash that injured you or took the life of your loved one? The horror of the memory may overshadow your consciousness now, but long-term recovery for the injured or the bereaved needs to be the focus now. An empathetic, experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can help keep your case on track despite the confusion and complications involved in this kind of accident.

Sort Out Who Is Liable After Multiple Collisions In One Accident

Glenda Mitchell Law Firm helps people injured in car accidents pursue and recover maximum available compensation. In the case of multicar crashes, special areas of concern will likely include:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Insurance issues such as stacking, subrogation and other complex issues
  • Determination of which portions of a multicrash accident caused certain injuries
  • Delays in obtaining compensation due to haggling between insurance carriers

You may find yourself targeted as a liable party when in fact, your car’s collision with another was caused by another crash that happened first, triggering the multivehicle accident.

Whatever the facts and circumstance, Glenda Mitchell Law Firm is prepared to advocate zealously on your behalf. We will fight to ensure that you get medical care right away while at the same time we initiate an accident reconstruction investigation to build your legal cases.

Find Out What You Need To Know Now After Your Multivehicle Accident

Our established personal injury law firm is ready to get to the bottom of your multivehicle crash. Who was at fault? Who should provide the compensation you need to pay medical bills and replace lost wages? You are welcome to contact us in Cartersville at 678-721-0417, Auburn at 334-604-7927 or in Greenville at 864-326-3073. You can also use our contact form to request a free consultation with an experienced attorney.