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When Texting Drivers Cause Accidents

Texting while driving is a known hazard on today’s roads. Even following the rules of the road and driving defensively may not protect you from erratic driving by other drivers distracted by their cellphones, GPS devices or other mobile devices such as tablet computers. If you were injured in a crash and the other driver’s traffic violation was the apparent cause, it may also be important to find out if that driver’s cellphone was in use at that moment.

‘Everyone Does It’ Is Not Justification For Texting While Driving

Any verifiable distraction by another driver can be evidence of negligence but texting while driving carries additional weight in Georgia, which has new hands-free only technology rules as of July 2018. Specifically, the new law prohibits drivers from holding or supporting any part of the body of a wireless telecommunications device or another stand-alone electronic device; writing, sending or reading any text-based communication while holding a device; watching a video or movie; or recording a video, while driving.

South Carolina also prohibits drivers from using wireless electronic communication devices to compose, send or read text-based communications while operating motor vehicles on public highways in the state.

Why do these laws matter after an accident? Because when there is doubt as to which of two drivers was negligent leading up to a crash, cellphone data and/or eyewitness testimony may prove that one was breaking vehicle operation laws by texting while driving.

If you were injured in a collision in Georgia, Alabama or South Carolina, Glenda Mitchell Law Firm may help determine that another driver was in the wrong. With this information, we can strengthen your claim for compensation for your injuries and related losses.

Get Legal Help To Determine Whether The Other Driver Was Texting

To discover whether the other driver in your Georgia, Alabama or South Carolina car accident was guilty of distracted driving by texting, you owe it to yourself to get a lawyer’s advice and help. Call our Cartersville office at 678-721-0417 or our Auburn office at 334-604-7927 or our Greenville office at 864-326-3073. You may instead use our contact form to request a consultation with our attorney. We will come to your hospital if necessary.