What time of day is most dangerous on the road?

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Did you know drivers have a higher risk of deadly accidents during certain times of the day? Data shows that factors such as daylight and traffic contribute to hourly changes in average fatal collision rates. 

Review this information to help prevent serious injury in an auto accident by understanding these contributing factors. 

Afternoon rush hour

According to data gathered by the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the rate of auto accident deaths is 85% higher from 4 to 6:59 p.m. than it is from 7 to 9:59 a.m. Researchers attribute this increase to increased road congestion and a rush to get home that contributes to distracted driving, speeding and other dangerous practices. 

Late night into early morning

The weekend nights see a significant increase in fatal collisions compared to other times of the day. Specifically, more auto accident deaths occur from 10 p.m. on Saturday night to 1 a.m. on Sunday morning than during the rest of the week. 

Reckless weekend behavior like driving under the influence likely contributes to this peak in fatalities. During the week, the fewest accidents occurred during the early morning 1 a.m. to 3:59 a.m. time frame, a dangerous period on the weekends. 

Early evening

The period from 7 to 9:59 p.m. becomes especially dangerous during the spring and summer months. Longer daylight hours and improving weather probably play a role in the accident increase as more people are out and about. 

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