Will Georgia’s New Truck-Only Lanes Reduce Crashes?

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When people drive on the highway in Georgia, they know that they will likely drive alongside semitrucks. However, the Georgia Department of Transportation may soon add truck-only lanes to portions of I-75.

Truck lanes are a new sight on U.S. highways. According to FindLaw, these lanes are only for commercial vehicles. Authorities consider adding these lanes along stretches of highway that regularly see congestion or numerous semitrucks. Truck drivers cannot drive outside of these lanes. While passenger vehicles can be in these lanes, authorities encourage drivers to stay out of them.

Truck-only lanes in Georgia

Drivers may soon see these lanes on I-75. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the Georgia Department of Transportation may add truck-only lanes to about 41 miles of highway between southern Atlanta and Macon. Approval of this plan means that commercial vehicles will drive on a newly-constructed two-lane road. This road would parallel northbound traffic. The plan includes the construction of a concrete barrier between the truck-only lanes and the passenger lanes.

Potential increase in safety

One of the benefits of adding truck-only lanes is that it may reduce the number of crashes that occur on I-75. Studies suggest that separating commercial and passenger vehicles may allow traffic to flow more smoothly. They may also make the highway safer for drivers. Truck drivers may cause crashes if they feel tired or fail to pay attention to the road. A collision with a truck can cause serious harm to the occupants of a passenger vehicle. Removing these vehicles from passenger lanes may increase the safety of the road.

If the Department of Transportation approves this plan, drivers may see truck-only lanes by 2027.


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