How can I identify a drunk driver?

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Even if you are a safe, responsible driver, you may still encounter carelessness on the road. This carelessness can lead to car crashes, which cause property damage as well as injuries. 

When other drivers are inebriated on top of being careless, your safety is greatly at risk. While you cannot avoid drunk drivers altogether, knowing the common signs of inebriation will help you take the proper maneuvers. MADD explains how to identify drunk drivers and what you should do if you encounter one. 

Signs of drunk or inebriated driving

While not all drivers who exhibit the following signs are impaired, you should still proceed with caution when you notice them: 

  • Driving too close behind a vehicle 
  • Not signaling turns or lane changes 
  • Weaving between lanes 
  • Driving too slow 
  • Braking erratically 
  • Not using headlights at night 

Steps to take if you recognize the above signs while driving

While you definitely want to call for help if you notice a drunk or inebriated driver, you also do not want to put yourself or your passengers at risk. Accordingly, you must keep your distance from the vehicle to stop yourself from being involved in an accident. If possible, take note of the vehicle’s license plate number. Even a partial plate can help locate the vehicle. Also, take note of the make and model for easier identification. 

Use of a mobile device behind the wheel may be illegal where you live. If you do not have hands-free capability, pull over in a safe area and contact local law enforcement. Provide the details about the vehicle, as well as its suspicious behavior, the location, time of day, and other identifying factors. 


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