What are the symptoms and types of fractures?

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Your bones provide a sturdy, protective framework for the soft tissues of your body. However, the force of a collision from a motor vehicle accident can be sufficient to cause bone fractures.

According to Cedars-Sinai, the severity of a fracture can vary according to its type. In addition to pain, a broken bone can also cause several other distinctive symptoms.

Fracture symptoms

One of the most notable symptoms of a bone fracture is pain that often occurs acutely. You are often unable to bear weight on the affected limb and may experience difficulty moving joints in the vicinity of the injury. Bruising, redness, swelling or warmth may also be present at the site of a bone fracture.

Fracture types

The most basic classifications of bone fractures are open or closed. A closed fracture, also called a simple fracture, is one in which the skin remains intact despite the broken bone. An open fracture occurs when the broken portion of the bone protrudes through an opening in the skin. Another name for an open fracture is a compound fracture.

An injury that causes a break in a straight line horizontally across the bone is a transverse fracture. An oblique fracture also follows a straight line but in a diagonal direction. A segmental fracture occurs when the bone breaks in two places, leaving behind a floating segment of bone no longer attached to either side. A comminuted fracture causes the bone to split into three or more separate fragments. A greenstick fracture is one that is partial or incomplete.

The more pieces that a bone fracture produces, the more difficult it is to treat. A fracture also becomes more difficult to treat if it involves a joint.


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