Event security planning varies based on event size

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People in Georgia who are preparing to hold events sometimes wonder how many security guards they should hire for the safety of their guests. Put simply; the event should have enough guards to deal with situations that may arise. The more people expected at the event, the more security guards should be hired.

A security company uses the ratios of one guard for every 75 guests for events where alcohol is served and one guard for every 150 guests if alcohol is not served. Additionally, it’s a good idea to hire security personnel to cover doorways, gates and valuable assets on the premises. For an event where ten people or fewer are expected, one security guard should be sufficient; two may be more than necessary.

For events where between ten and 50 people are expected, two to four guards should be sufficient, depending on whether the guests will predominantly be in one open area or will be spread out over several areas or moving from place to place during the event. For gatherings of between 50 and 250 people, up to 12 security guards may be necessary to ensure guest safety. More people means more vehicles, more alcohol and more complications. If the event space is tight, the organizer will have to deal with issues that would not arise if there was more space.

Events expecting between 250 and 1000 people will have the same potential security issues as smaller events, but magnified. Thirty guards should be sufficient in most cases for events of up to 1000 people. In a case where a person is injured on the premises of another during an event, he or she may be entitled to recover for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses or other damages. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may be able to help by gathering evidence in support of a premises liability claim or by negotiating settlement.


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