Speed and alcohol can lead to deadly results

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Georgia motorists may be aware that drinking alcohol right before driving can increase their risk of crashing. But they may not consider how alcohol and speeding can cause catastrophic car accidents.

Those who plan to drive and consume alcohol on the same day should space those activities several hours apart. If they do not and they fail to realize that they are in no condition to drive, their actions could end up seriously injuring and killing someone else. 

The effects of speed

Many motorists speed when they drive. Even going as much as two to five mph over the speed limit is enough to increase the amount of force that is involved in collisions. The greater the force in a motor vehicle wreck, the greater the chance of serious injury and death. Victims who survive are more likely to sustain injuries that require immediate and ongoing medical intervention. They may not be able to resume their previous activities or enjoy the same standard of life they once had. 

The effects of alcohol

When people drink, their bodies start to feel the effects of the alcohol right away, but they may or may not be aware that they are compromising their cognitive and physical functions. Once they get behind the steering wheel, they may think it is acceptable for them to drive if they drive a little slower or faster to get home. The problem is although these actions appear normal to a person impaired by alcohol, they are not. What seems to be a few miles over or under the speed limit may be much more. The result is often a collision into another or several vehicles and catastrophic injuries or death to the occupants. 

No one should never guestimate intoxication level and ability to drive safely. People who are not sure or have had a drink less than an hour before wanting to drive should exercise caution and wait until they know for sure they are not even slightly intoxicated, or else ask some who is sober to drop them off.


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