3 places where cars are more likely to hit pedestrians

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Car accidents always have the potential to be devastating for the people involved, all the more so when some of those people are unprotected civilians. Pedestrian accidents frequently result in severe impact or crushing damage that requires extensive medical treatment.

Motorists and pedestrians alike have an obligation to exercise caution and attentiveness to ensure the safety of everyone on or near public roadways. By learning more about specific areas where cars are especially likely to hit pedestrians, you can do your part to stay safe and protect the safety of others.

1. Urban areas

Parking lots, residential neighborhoods and dense traffic areas with sidewalks are all examples of urban areas where many cars share the road with many pedestrians. These places are particularly dangerous due to obstacles that can block a driver’s view of incoming pedestrians and vice-versa.

2. Highways

Many pedestrian accidents actually occur on open roads far from busy intersections. Pedestrians walking along highways where there is rarely a sidewalk or other walking infrastructure are at risk of a hit-and-run by drivers traveling at high speeds.

3. Unlit roads

The Centers for Disease Control explains that in addition to urban areas and remote highways, many pedestrian deaths occur across the board at night. Roadways that lack street lights or external lighting from homes or businesses are particularly dangerous for pedestrians who choose to travel after dark.

When drivers and pedestrians take the proper steps regarding each other’s space and right-of-way, there is relatively little risk of an accident. If you do experience a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of another driver, though, you may pursue legal action to secure the necessary compensation for paying your medical bills.


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