Common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents

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All motor vehicle collisions are violent and scary, but a crash involving a motorcycle can be devastating.

Motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than standard vehicles. When anything from a small car to a massive semi-truck collides with a motorcycle, the injuries to the motorcyclist can be catastrophic.

Minor injuries

Without the protection of an enclosed vehicle, motorcyclists can sustain injuries in an accident that range from mild to life-altering. Common injuries like road rash, broken bones and injuries to legs and feet are relatively minor compared to other injuries that can occur. These lesser injuries will be painful but require less complicated medical intervention and less recovery time.

Major injuries

Head and neck injuries, abdominal injuries, spinal injuries, organ damage, back injuries, burns and traumatic brain injuries are among the more severe non-fatal injuries that are common for motorcyclists. These major injuries require extensive costly medical intervention. They require more recovery time.   Some of these major injuries are life-altering as you may not fully recover to your previous abilities.

While motorcyclists cannot control other drivers on the road, they can take steps to keep themselves safer. Protective gear and helmets are one way for motorcyclists to take their safety into their own hands. Wearing these things will not prevent injuries entirely, but they can lessen the severity of injuries suffered. Motorcyclists should also strive to be visible to other motorists at all times. If other motorists cannot see a motorcycle, they do not know that they need to avoid it.


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