What are the 5 most dangerous roads in Georgia?

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There is always some inherent risk in driving regardless of where you are or what roads you take. However, some roads are particularly dangerous and see more than the average amount of injuries or fatalities.

An analysis by MoneyGeek of fatal crash statistics from 2018-2020 identifies which Georgia roads are the deadliest in the state. By exercising heightened awareness on and near these especially dangerous roads, residents and visitors of Georgia can make conditions a little safer for everyone.

1. Moreland Avenue, Atlanta

One 5-mile stretch of Moreland Avenue in Atlanta is the site of 13 fatalities reported during the three-year span from 2018 to 2020.

2. I-20, Decatur

Statistics show that the stretch of I-20 from Exits 71 and 65 averages 2.2 fatal crashes per mile during the analysis period.

3. The Perimeter (I-285), Decatur

I-285, commonly referred to as the “the Perimeter” by Atlanta locals, has two particularly dangerous stretches. The stretch from the Route 6 Interchange to the Riverdale Road exit, as well as the stretch from the Bouldercrest Road exit to the I-20 interchange, are collectively responsible for 21 fatalities in a three-year period.

4. Georgia 85, Riverdale

The Atlanta suburb of Riverdale is host to another dangerous road in the form of a 4-mile stretch of Georgia 85 that averages 2.5 fatal crashes per mile in a three-year timeframe.

5. Old National Highway, Atlanta

Reports show that Old National Highway in Atlanta is the site of 10 fatalities from 2018-2020 in just 3.8 miles of roadway.

Due to a high population density, it comes as little surprise that the five deadliest roads in Georgia are all in or near Atlanta. Travelers in this area should know their rights for pursuing compensation in the event of a crash caused by negligence.


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