What If I Was Partially Responsible for the Car Accident?

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As someone who commutes around the Atlanta metro area, you know that driving conditions are stressful. Stress can lead to driving errors. If your mistake resulted in a car accident, you likely feel scared, stressed and remorseful. But you may not be the only one at fault.

If you were partly responsible for a wreck, you might still be able to collect compensation.

Keep track of evidence

Other drivers may try to place the blame solely on you. Protect yourself by gathering evidence. Take pictures of the crash from many angles. Call the authorities for help so the police can file a written report. Exchange insurance information with all other drivers involved. Make copies of all paperwork from any resulting injuries or damages. Having this information may strengthen your case.

Write down what you remember

Memories fade over time. As soon as you can, jot down your account of the crash and give a copy to your legal team. Include all details you can remember, no matter how insignificant they seem.

Know your rights

Under Georgia law, if you are less than 50 percent to blame, you may be eligible for compensation.  The court will review all evidence and hear arguments from each legal team. The judge will then assign a percentage of accountability to all parties involved. Damages can include medical bills, car repairs or rental costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Sometimes accidents happen. When you keep a level head after a crash, you will help yourself down the road.


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