4 Things To Remember If Your Teen Driver Is In A Car Accident

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Getting a license is a significant step in your teenager’s life. It is the first real hallmark of independence. As a parent, you may remain concerned about the dangers your child faces on the road.

Preparing your teen for a crash may make it easier to hand over the keys. Remember these four points as you and your new teen driver navigate the possibility and outcome of a car accident.

1. Preventing a crash

Teen drivers remain at the highest risk for accidents. While phones allow teens to remain in touch, they also provide a dangerous distraction. Speak to your teen about putting the phone away while driving to minimize the threat of a crash.

2. Calling the police

Should a crash occur, your teen should know basic steps. He or she should call police first. This will put police on notice to investigate the crash and dispatch medical emergency services should anyone need them.

3. Taking pictures after a crash

Once your teen is in a safe location near the crash site, he or she should take pictures of the scene. The insurance company will require documentation of the damage to the car. Have your teen snap off pics of the area where the accident occurred and the other vehicle as well.

4. Exchanging driver information

Your insurance company needs to know the parties to the crash to determine liability. Your teen should exchange driver’s license and insurance information with the other driver, either in the presence of the police or separately.

While a crash is scary, especially when it involves your child, there is a way to manage it. Educating yourself and your teen before taking to the road may help alleviate the added stress.


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