5 Things Parents Should Do If Their Teen Driver Is In A Car Accident

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All parents dread answering the phone to find that their teen driver has been in a car accident.

Here are five steps to take if a vehicle accident should happen to your son or daughter.

1. Address state of health

The most important question is whether your child sustained injuries. With the impact of a crash, the human body releases adrenalin and other chemicals that can mask symptoms temporarily. Make sure your teen sees a doctor promptly in case of underlying injuries.

2. Go to the accident scene

Provide the best support by going to the accident scene to meet your child and see first-hand what happened.

3. Take photographs

Advise your young driver to use a cellphone to take photos. Take shots of the accident site, the damage to vehicles and any markers such as street or highway signs.

4. Prepare a checklist

Once you arrive at the site and ascertain your child’s state of health, you can go through a checklist:

– Ensure that your teen exchanged insurance and contact information with the other driver. Remind your child not to discuss the accident or its possible cause with anyone at the scene.

– Make sure your child contacted the police as well as emergency personnel if there are obvious injuries among those involved in the crash.

– Note the time of the accident based on the child’s information as well as details such as weather conditions.

– Get contact information from any witnesses.

5. Seek compensation

Once your teen driver sees a doctor, there may be additional medical costs. The next step is to file an insurance company claim. Remember that if a negligent driver was responsible for any injuries your child suffered, he or she is entitled to full and fair compensation to cover those medical expenses and more.


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