Georgia’s work zones saw more than 26,000 crashes in 2019

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As communities across Georgia grow and the number of drivers sharing their roadways grows with them, so, too, does a need for new infrastructure and road repairs to accommodate everyone. For this reason, road construction is a common and ongoing site across much of the state. However, these construction zones create many risks and hazards for motorists. 

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there were 26,039 work zone car crashes that occurred within state lines in 2019 alone. These crashes resulted in 8,355 injuries, many of which proved serious in nature. What are some of the factors contributing to work zone car wrecks, and what might you do to stay safe when traveling through these areas? 

Work zone crash contributors

Many work zone car wrecks result from negligent drivers who fail to slow down or exercise appropriate care when navigating them. Speeding is a factor in many construction zone car wrecks. Also, 51% of crashes that occur in these areas involve either roadway departures or rear-end collisions. 

Many crashes also result from confusion about ongoing construction. Unclear signage or detours, misplaced traffic cones and confusing directions from traffic controllers also often contribute to work zone car crashes. 

Work zone safety tips

To help reduce the chances of a crash in a Georgia work zone, avoid these areas when possible. Otherwise, slow down and stay vigilant when navigating them. When slowing to a stop in a work zone, tap your brakes several times to help lower the chances of involvement in a rear-end collision. 

Expect the unexpected when traveling through Georgia’s work zones. By slowing down, watching for workers and avoiding distractions, you should be able to improve the chances of navigating a construction zone unscathed. 


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