How can I document my accident with my phone?

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Thanks to the camera feature of smartphones, you can photograph your surroundings with a simple point and click of your phone. This can be important if you get into an auto accident on a busy Georgia interstate. If you have sustained only minor injuries and are in no physical danger from oncoming traffic, you may use your phone to photograph your accident.

Taking pictures may be vital to proving your accident claim. They are your way of telling the story of what happened to you. Forbes provides some tips to help you photograph your accident scene in as much detail as possible.

Provide some scale to your images

Sometimes photography fails to capture how far or close objects are, or how big or small an object truly is. You might help the accuracy of your images by providing a sense of scale. One way is to place a small object like a coin in the picture frame to help show the true size and width of your vehicle or the damage done to it.

Capture multiple angles

Taking a single picture of your car or the other vehicle may not adequately capture the scene. Consider taking multiple pictures of all vehicles involved in the crash. Capture all sides of each vehicle and pay particular attention to vehicular damage. You want to accurately capture dents, cracks and broken fenders as well as fluid leakages from your automobile.

Photograph your surroundings

Do not limit your photography to just your car and the vehicle that hit you. Be sure to capture the surrounding area like the street or highway where you sustained the collision. Pay special attention to things like skid marks or scattered debris. If the collision happened at an intersection, take pictures of traffic signals or road signs. Also photograph any physical object that may have contributed to the accident.

Take pictures of your injuries

If you have sustained injuries because of the accident, any bruises or scrapes you may have will likely appear at their worst in the immediate aftermath of the collision. If you are physically able to, take pictures of your wounds. This might blunt an argument from the other party that you did not sustain an injury or that your injuries were not as bad as you claim.


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