What are the injury risks of using a ridesharing service?

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Ridesharing and Car Accidents

The chances are good that you have heard of ridesharing. You probably know of these services as offered by Uber and Lyft. Regardless of which specific service you use, safety has to be a priority when you use such a service. Each company will have its own safety policies and procedures in place that you should always follow, but it is also a good idea to be aware of the risks of using such a service. 

Bankrate explains that being aware of potential dangers with ridesharing will make you a more informed passenger. It will equip you with the ability to protect yourself and prevent accidents. So, make sure that you understand what could go wrong when using a ridesharing service so you can prepare to protect yourself. 


There is always the risk of a motor vehicle accident. You cannot stop every accident from happening, but you can do some things to reduce the likelihood your driver will have an accident with you in the car. Start by paying attention to ratings. Never take a ride with a driver who has a very low rating. This signals some serious issues. 

You also want to look into the background checks the company does. How does it ensure the drivers it hires are good drivers? Make sure you understand the process and that it does an adequate job of vetting good drivers. Also, practice safe habits, such as wearing your seatbelt. 

Criminal activity 

Another risk is that you could become a victim of a crime. The best way to prevent this is to be vigilant. Make sure you verify your driver and the vehicle before you get inside. Try to ride with a friend instead of alone. If you do ride alone, always alert a friend or family member to your whereabouts. Let them know when you should arrive at your destination and check-in with them regularly while using the service. 


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