Is eating while driving distracting?

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Assigning liability in the wake of a car accident in Cartersville may not be as easy as it seems. While you may certainly feel as though you know who is responsible, that party might try to explain any reckless or distracted actions you perceived away. Thus, it is important that you pick up on the more subtle cues that might indicate fault. 

What if the driver disputing their fault claims to have been eating something when the accident occurred? Is eating while driving enough to cause a distraction that results in an accident? 

How eating can be distracting 

At first, you may think the answer to that question is no. People spend their entire lives eating, thus making it a seemingly natural action (one that can be done without thinking). Yet a closer examination of the actions that go into eating may cause you to think differently. 

When eating, one needs at least one hand to grasp whatever it is that they are consuming. At least a modicum of attention is also required to avoid spills, so that means diverting one’s vision to what is being consumed. While these actions are perfectly mundane while seated at a table, they can indeed be distracting while one is at the wheel (even if the distraction only lasts for a moment). When being driven, a vehicle can travel a great deal in a single moment. 

How dangerous is eating while driving?  

Exactly how dangerous is it to eat while driving? A joint research effort between the Auto Alliance and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons revealed that eating behind the wheel makes it 3.6 times more likely that one will be involved in an accident. Therefore, an admission to eating while driving may be all that is needed to determine fault. 


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