What is an unsafe motorcycle helmet?

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While you may not know it, there are many standards that a motorcycle helmet should meet in order to keep you as safe as possible. In order to protect yourself while on the road, you should know what to look for while shopping. 
According to the DOT, or U.S. Department of Transportation, there are strict legal precedents in place for helmets made for motorcyclists. However, it is still possible that the one you own may not follow these guidelines. For example, the total weight of the helmet should be around three pounds. Any less than that, and the quality of materials may be subpar or certain important features may be missing. Although they likely cost a little more, helmets that meet this standard offer better protection. In addition to weight, the chin straps and inner lining should be sturdy and correctly proportioned for the size of your head. Having enough inner lining cushions your skull upon possible impact.

One particular item to check for is a sticker on the inside of the helmet that shows the approval of the American National Standards Institute, or the ANSI. Having ANSI approval means that your helmet completely meets the government’s standards for safety. Helmets also usually have a mention of being DOT approved somewhere on the outside of the shell. If it does not have any stickers that show that, then the weight or another part of the design is likely not in accordance with federal regulations. 
Safety standards exist to help prevent injuries. Learning more about what to do in the event of a crash is another good source of information. 


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