Drawing attention to distracted driving and bike accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Car Accidents |

For bicyclists, distracted drivers pose a major threat and this is one of the most common reasons why bicyclists are involved in accidents on the road. Although there are many other risk factors associated with these accidents, such as driver fatigue and alcohol use, distracted driving is especially concerning and our law firm wants to draw attention to this deeply concerning issue. In the digital era, drivers have even more sources of distraction thanks to all of the apps and features on phones and other devices. Moreover, there are many other sources of distraction, such as other passengers riding in a vehicle and various behaviors that drivers exhibit behind the wheel (eating, etc.).

Unfortunately, when drivers are distracted they are especially likely to collide with bicyclists. For starters, bicycles are much smaller than other vehicles, so drivers have an even harder time noticing cyclists. Furthermore, drivers do not always pay as much attention to certain parts of the road where bicyclists ride and some veer off of the roadway due to distractions and strike a bicyclist. Moreover, some drivers go through stop signs without noticing that they are required to stop, which is very concerning at high speeds.

Many bicyclist lives are lost due to distracted driving and even more bicyclists suffer serious injuries in these wrecks. Our law firm wants to point out that the victims of these wrecks deserve justice and we believe that those hit by distracted drivers while riding a bicycle, walking or riding in another vehicle should examine any legal solutions to financial problems they are facing (medical costs, lost wages, etc.). Explore our accidents section to read more on these matters.


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