Causes of motorcycle accidents

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Are motorcycle accidents frequent? Accidents arising from motorcycle accidents are rampant and often result in death or serious injuries. Fewer deaths occurred from car accidents as compared to motorcycle accidents. The deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents were 35 times as compared to those from car accidents per mile traveled in 2016. Therefore, motorcyclists ought to learn and use the information concerning the particular and frequent risks and causes of the accidents to minimize the risk. 

Are head-on collisions the leading cause of motorcycle accidents? Fifty-six percent of casualties and deaths arise from the crashes involving other vehicles and motorcycles. The majority of the bikes get struck by cars from the front. Concurrently, the head-on collisions between a bike and a vehicle are majorly fatal for the motorcyclist. 

Are cars making turns also fatal to motorcyclists? Often, the most detrimental situation for any motorcyclist is when a vehicle is making a left-hand turn. The resulting collision accounts for nearly 42 percent of most of the accidents involving a car and a motorcycle. What are the situations that can lead a motorcyclist to get struck by a car? When they are trying to overtake, pass the car, or try to go through an intersection, they often get hit. 

Should speeding and alcohol use by motorcyclists cause an accident? Nearly half of these accidents get caused by excessive speeding and excessive alcohol intake by the motorcyclists. Sadly, the motorcycles lack the necessary protection for the motorcyclist as most crashes result in a severe injury or death. Similarly, motorcyclists may collide with fixed objects. However, the risk of injury and death is lower. 


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