Teenage non-fatal car accidents: What are the risk factors?

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When you learn to drive, your classes focus a lot on defensive driving. Yes, defensive techniques, may help you become a careful driver and avoid causing accidents. However, sometimes you may experience accidents caused by other drivers. What action should you take? 

Here at Glenda Mitchell Law Firm, we understand all you should do when filing a personal injury claim. From filing all the required paperwork, working with your insurer, and taking the necessary steps to recover every damage, we work very closely with you, our client. 

There are several reasons why teens are at risk of accidents causing injury. What tops the list is their inexperience. As a teen, your judgment on the road is not similar to a grown adult. Most of the time, you may tend to underestimate oncoming car speeds or fail to recognize dangerous situations that culminate in accidents. 

Also, teen drivers enjoy driving at higher speeds than adults. Furthermore, they do not keep sufficient distance with the car ahead of them. 

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that only 58.8% of high school students wore seatbelts as passengers in 2017. Also, when driving, teenagers do not wear seatbelts knowingly. That adds to the risk of injury in case of a crash. 

Drunk driving is illegal. However, many young drivers aged 15-19 drive cars under alcohol influence against the law. Drinking in itself is unlawful for you if you are in this age bracket. Also, research showed that most accidents involving teenagers occurred at night between 9 pm and 6 am and on weekends. 


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