Treatment for joint dislocation

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Trauma from a car accident in Georgia may cause dislocation. A dislocation occurs at a point where two bones come together, and it causes deformity and pain when a heavy impact forces one of the bones out of its normal place. Joint dislocation can cause immobilization and deformity of the joint, as well as extreme pain. 

Almost any joint of the body can become dislocated. Common sites of dislocation include the knee and the shoulder. According to Healthline, once a joint dislocation occurs, it increases the risk for future dislocations at the same site. A dislocation could cause damage to blood vessels, ligaments and nerves if untreated, so it is important to seek medical attention right away. 

The first step in treatment for a joint dislocation is manually placing the bone back in the proper position via a process called reduction. The Mayo Clinic cautions that the patient may require an anesthetic before the doctor can attempt a reduction, depending on the swelling and pain present. If damage to supporting tissues, blood vessels or nerves occurs due to the dislocation, the doctor may immobilize the joint in a splint or sling to allow healing to take place. 

A dislocation may cause loss of strength or range of motion at the joint. The doctor may recommend a gradual rehabilitation program of gentle exercises for strengthening and mobility to counteract these effects once sufficient healing has taken place. 

Although most patients recover from a dislocation with nonsurgical treatment, some may require surgery if they have recurrent dislocations. Surgery may also be necessary if the doctor is unable to reduce the dislocation manually. 


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