Do you know how handle car injuries as a passenger?

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While riding with a friend in Georgia, you suffered injuries in a car accident. Because you were a passenger, you may not be sure of how to recoup compensation for your injuries.

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The other driver’s insurance 

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, you may attempt to file a claim through her or his insurance to cover your medical bills. Specifically, focus on the other driver’s Property Damage Liability and Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage. Know that the other driver’s policy amount may not be enough to cover all your bills.

Your friend’s insurance 

If it was your friend who bears responsibility for the accident, she or he could have Medical Payments or personal injury protection as part of her or his auto insurance policy, which could cover your medical costs. Know that you may need to file claims through both your friend and the other driver to receive full compensation.

Your auto insurance 

You may have no choice but to file a claim through your own auto insurance if neither of the above options works out. Again, personal injury protection and Medical Payments are your best bet. That said, there is a chance that using your own policy to cover the cost of your injuries may cause your rates to increase. You may want to utilize this option as a last resort.

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