Safely sharing the road with pedestrians

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More cities in Georgia are implementing measures such as overhead crosswalks to improve safety for pedestrians; however, it is still important for drivers to be aware of the ways that they can do their part to help prevent accidents. Since pedestrians are unprotected, the likelihood of them being injured in the event of a collision is much higher than for drivers.

Tips for drivers

The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington D.C. says that motorists should give bicyclists three feet of distance when passing. Since it can be difficult to see the smaller profile of a pedestrian in the peripheral vision, even when stopped, drivers should look carefully when opening car doors to avoid accidentally pushing a passing pedestrian into oncoming traffic.

Often, the speed limit in high pedestrian-traffic areas is lower, and this is intended as a safety measure. By following the posted speed limit, drivers can be surer that they will be able to slow down and stop in time if someone tries to cross the road in front of them. Drivers must always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

Tips for pedestrians

According to AAA, 34 percent of alcohol-related crashes with pedestrians involved intoxication on the part of the pedestrian. When walking in public, especially in high-traffic areas, a sober state of mind can help pedestrians be more aware and safer.

Pedestrians should also stay away from prohibited areas such as highways. Crossing only at designated crossing areas can help people to avoid accidents, as these areas are better lit and provide safety signals and signs for drivers.


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