What should drivers keep in mind as school starts again?

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It is that time again when children start heading back to school in Georgia. This means school zones will once again be bustling with activity. This could impact your morning commute, so it is important that you realize the changes occurring on the roadways you travel each day. There are several important things to remember as you drive past schools, and interact with children walking to school and school buses picking up children.

According to 1105 Media, the state has created the Schools’ Open, Drive Carefully campaign for school zone safety. This encourages drivers to pay more attention to roadways and watch out for school-related traffic. The main focus of the campaign is distracted driving. It encourages you to put your cell phone away and keep your eyes on the road.

In addition, following general road rules will go a long way towards keeping children safer as they try to get to and from school. This means paying attention to and obeying speed limits and staying in your lane and not passing in areas where it is prohibited.

You hold a lot of responsibility in your hands on the roadway. It is up to you to make sure you look out for kids as they go back to school. Always obey the laws when it comes to school bus stops as well. Never try to pass stopped vehicles because they could be waiting on a bus to load or unload children. In school zones, always be aware of children who may dart into the roadway. Paying attention and alert can help save lives. This information is for education and is not legal advice.


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