What do I do if a vehicle hits me and the driver flees the scene?

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A hit-and-run accident is a serious crime in Georgia, and if you or a loved one were involved in one, report it to law enforcement officials as soon as possible. In some catastrophic accidents, however, a victim may not be able to recall the details of the events leading up to the crash. Take for instance, a passenger assisting in a work delivery when the truck he was in was hit by an 18-wheeler on I-75, as reported by WSB-TV Atlanta. The 20-year-old man blacked out from the crash and woke up in the hospital requiring 16 stitches and 30 staples in his head. He and law enforcement officials are searching for the driver of the semi-truck who allegedly fled the scene.

Many car insurance companies rely upon the contents of an official accident report to determine who is at fault or what may have caused a collision. With a hit-and-run crash, however, it may be difficult or impossible to accurately determine what occurred. A victim may still file a claim, however, through their own insurance policy to seek compensation for any damages. Car repair, vehicle rental fees and medical bills for injuries might be considered as part of an insurance claim.

Under Georgia law, a motorist who is in a vehicle accident must stop and exchange information with the other parties involved. Oftentimes, highway patrol officers are dispatched to the scene to note important details such as the positions of the vehicles and any injuries. The information gathered may be used to conduct an investigation. You may also need to file an additional report with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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