What drivers should immediately do after a hit and run

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When one party in a Georgia car accident flees the scene, it is known as a hit and run accident. Most drivers will stop after an accident and make sure that everyone is okay, exchange information with the other party and speak to law enforcement officials. When this does not happen and the at-fault driver takes off, State Farm Insurance has some tips for the other driver and witnesses.

The first step is to get as much information about the other driver as possible. Drivers should quickly jot down notes about the cause, time and location of the accident. Photos of the damage should also be included, and if possible, the license plate, make and model of the other vehicle. It is also important to note which direction the other driver was headed and any damage that was made to the other vehicle.

It is not recommended that drivers pursue the other vehicle if they flee the scene. Leaving an accident may give police reason to question who was really at fault and the driver may miss speaking to eyewitnesses who saw the accident.

Witnesses are important in determining who was at fault. Any driver involved in a hit and run accident should stop any witnesses and ask them to speak to police about what they saw. It is important to get their contact information and names if they need to be questioned about the accident later. also encourages drivers to call police no matter how small the accident was. Even those who do not have any information about the other vehicle should file a report with police to avoid issues with an insurance claim down the road.


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