State action plans help address bicycle safety on the road

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While bicycling around the beautiful landscape of Georgia is a growing trend especially in commuter dense areas, cyclists still share the road with motor vehicles. Bicycles do not provide the protection of a car when an accident happens resulting in property damage and injuries. Even small accidents can result in serious damage.

As a result of the influx of riders, the state has developed the Bicycle Safety Action Plan 2018. “From 2005-2015: Nearly 77% of crashes resulted in injuries.” These statistics, cyclist activist groups and local law enforcement work to inform the public about bike safety out on the road. Overall, the Department of Transportation for the state wants to reduce the number of accidents and the resultant injuries.

The Department of Health created the Injury Prevention Program to provide statistics and information to the public on bicycle accidents. The program works with local communities and emergency workers to provide important information and equipment such as helmets and child safety seats. Several government entities including the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for the state provide grants to fund the program. The department includes several partners to help the local communities within the state advocate for safe riding whether in a car or on a bike.

While safety action plans are a step in the right direction, they are unable to prevent all accidents on the road. Keep in mind that not all motor vehicle drivers are at fault in an accident involving a cyclist. Understanding how accidents happen can help reduce the number in the future. Safe riding practices combined with informed motor vehicle drivers can help reduce cyclist crashes and injuries.


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