Ridesharing accidents at night

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At any time of the day, there is a high risk of serious injury when a motor vehicle collision occurs. However, during the nighttime hours the roads can be particularly dangerous. On top of this, there may be times when people face a higher risk of being involved in a traffic accident when they turn to a ridesharing service. In some instances, ridesharing can help reduce the chances of a crash, especially if a driver is drowsy or intoxicated. However, these accidents frequently occur, and our law office understands the various challenges that victims may experience afterward.

There is a plethora of reasons why a rideshare accident can occur at night, and risk factors that may be even greater during this time. For example, many drivers become fatigued and night, and this can be especially true for rideshare drivers who may have been working for long hours. On top of fatigue, there are many drunk drivers on the road at night, and some reckless rideshare drivers may even work while they are under the influence of alcohol. Plus, with decreased visibility and many other risks associated with the nighttime, there are countless reasons why rideshare drivers should be careful.

For rideshare accident victims, it is imperative to carefully examine one’s options. Going to court may be necessary, especially if a negligent driver was responsible for the wreck. Our law office is very familiar with the physical, emotional and financial hardships that victims of rideshare accidents may endure and we believe that those who are in this position because of another’s poor decisions deserve justice.


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