Drowsy driving and allergy medication

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Those who struggle with seasonal allergies often have many different hurdles that they need to overcome on a daily basis. For example, they may have a hard time with allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose, eye irritation, sneezing and headaches. However, allergies can do more than cause sufferers to be miserable with these symptoms. In fact, it may even lead to an auto accident because allergy medication can result in drowsy driving.

There are different types of medication that people take for allergies, including some which are sold over the counter. While some allergy medicine purports to be non-drowsy, certain medications that are used to treat allergy symptoms can make people very drowsy and tired, or even intoxicated. When a driver consumes medication with these side effects, their driving abilities may be significantly affected by the medication they take.

Falling asleep while on the road, veering into another lane, colliding with a vehicle in front or running a stop sign are all some of the concerns associated with drowsy driving. If you were struck by a driver who was drowsy because of allergy medication they took (or for any other reason at all), you should not wait to explore your legal options.

Unfortunately, many more drowsy driving accidents will continue to occur, not only because of allergy medicine and other medications but because of sleep problems, excessive schedules at work and so on. Our law office is a firm believer in victims’ rights, and we believe that those who cause motor vehicle crashes by behaving carelessly should be held answerable.


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