Cyclists: What to do if a car hits you

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Sadly, it is common for accidents to involve bicyclists and motor vehicles. If a car hits you while you are cycling, you are most likely going to sustain an injury. Additionally, motorists are overwhelmingly responsible for these types of collisions.

The steps you take after a vehicle hits you have major implications on your health and ability to pursue compensation.

At the scene

It is generally a good idea to call the police in the event of a bicycle-car collision, no matter how mild it may seem. A police report is an accurate and unbiased document that may help you with an insurance claim. Plus, emergency responders will arrive if there are any injuries.

Additionally, it is vital to obtain the driver’s contact information, insurance details and license plate number. Get names and numbers from any witnesses. Take pictures of the scene if possible. As you gather these details, do not minimize your injuries or admit fault. Let the police and insurance companies collect the facts.

Medical attention

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health after a bicycle accident. Your adrenaline may mask any symptoms immediately after the crash. If something feels off, do not hesitate to visit the emergency room or an urgent care doctor. At the very least, schedule an appointment with your physician. Do not ignore or downplay any potential symptoms, even if it is just a headache, soreness or dizziness.

Recovering losses

If the driver is at fault, his or her insurance should cover your losses. You may even want to think about filing a personal injury claim. As a victim, you should pursue reimbursement for any losses you incur, including bike repairs, medical bills and lost wages. Do not accept low settlement offers or simply walk away from a claim with a noncooperative insurance company. You have the right to fight for compensation.


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