Man assaulted at Dodger Stadium files premises liability claim

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Georgia residents should know that premises liability claims can involve cases of assault. For example, a man claims he was beaten just outside of Dodger Stadium after attending a game between the Dodgers and Mets in 2015. He and his wife filed a complaint to the Los Angeles Superior Court in September 2017, and the judge has now ordered mediation on it to begin. A post-mediation conference is scheduled for February 2020.

If the lawsuit is not resolved, the trial will begin in April 2020. The suit alleges not only premises liability but also negligent hiring, retention and supervision. The plaintiff is suing for the intentional infliction of emotional distress and for loss of consortium; the wife alleges she has lost her husband’s love and companionship since the incident. The defendants named in the suit are Los Angeles Dodgers LLC and two individuals, a 52-year-old woman and her son.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was confronted by the two individuals, who verbally abused him and then attacked him in the parking lot. He lost consciousness and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff says the area was poorly lit and without security personnel. However, attorneys for the Dodgers say that the plaintiff was drunk and attacked the woman, causing her son to intervene with force.

Where there is evidence that a property owner failed to provide adequate lighting or security, those injured on the property may have a case. Victims who believe they have a right to compensation may want to see a premises liability attorney before moving forward. The attorney may strive for a settlement out of court that covers medical expenses, lost wages and whatever else is applicable.


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