Essential steps to take after a car crash

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Many driver education programs in Georgia do not teach drivers what to do in the event that they are involved in a car crash, and this can have unfortunate consequences. For one thing, drivers may say and do things that will either incriminate them or reduce their chances of presenting a strong personal injury claim.

A car crash is always unexpected, so it is natural for drivers to be confused immediately after it. However, they must take certain important steps. If the vehicles are posing a safety hazard, they should be moved. Otherwise, the crash scene should be left as is. Victims should write down what happened prior to the crash, make a list of any personal belongings that have been damaged or lost, and note any aches and pains they are feeling. It’s recommended to take pictures as well.

Next, victims should call 911. Eyewitness testimony should be taken down along with witnesses’ contact information. Victims should not argue with witnesses when their testimony conflicts with victims’ own understanding of the events. When police arrive, it’s important to cooperate with them as they fill out the incident report. Above all, victims should not admit fault.

Afterwards, victims will want to get medical attention because some conditions won’t show symptoms until days later. Then, it may be time to retain legal counsel.

It all begins with a case evaluation. Those who wish to file a claim against the one they believe caused the car accident may want to know to what degree they themselves were to blame. Georgia operates a modified form of the comparative negligence rule, so victims may be eligible for compensation even if they were partially at fault. A lawyer might hire experts to investigate the crash and gather any evidence that was missed before proceeding to negotiations.


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