Premises liability overview for business owners

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Business owners in Georgia, regardless of whether they own the actual premises, are responsible for the safety of all who enter their property. In some cases, this can even include trespassers. Owners are thus required to have adequate policies and procedures that help them maintain a reasonably safe environment. Failing to do this can result in injuries and, with that, premises liability lawsuits.

For example, employers may fail to do anything about dangerous conditions like wet floors, debris-covered floors, loose railings, burnt-out lights and torn carpeting. Hazardous conditions may also be found outside, such as icy sidewalks and cracked pavement. These could lead to slip and fall accidents, which are perhaps the most common accidents that result in premises liability claims.

Owners must be given a reasonable amount of time in which to fix these issues before they can be accused of negligence. Victims, for their part, must show that they themselves were not negligent at the time of the accident. Other premises liability cases can arise because of falling objects or because of assault.

Business owners can reduce their risk of incidents happening by training their employees to recognize and speedily address hazards. They can set out warning signs around hazards that cannot be immediately repaired. Lastly, they can obtain general liability insurance, which covers most damages in personal injury lawsuits.

Those who are injured in the hazardous conditions presented on someone else’s property may want to see a lawyer about the possibility of receiving damages. If carelessness made them partially to blame, they may still have a case, but any amount they receive will naturally be lowered. A lawyer might hire third parties to obtain a copy of the incident report, if applicable, and gather evidence like surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony. The lawyer may then be able to negotiate for a settlement.


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