Lawsuit filed against sheriff’s office for 2017 crash

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A lawsuit has been filed against a county sheriff’s office in South Carolina for a 2017 vehicle collision that injured a family of four. The accident occurred in the early morning hours as the family was leaving a Greenville outdoor festival. A deputy was traveling 96 mph in order to respond to another vehicle accident. The deputy’s in-car dashcam showed that he lost control as he went around a turn and hit the BMW carrying the family head-on.

Though the family and the deputy survived the car accident, all four of the family members sustained serious injuries that require ongoing medical care. The male driver suffered a broken wrist, head injuries and knee and back pain. The female occupant received multiple injuries to the ribs and lungs as well as a broken sternum. The children, who were ages 2 and 4 at the time of the accident, suffered minor bruising.

The lawsuit alleges that the deputy had slowed to 60 mph while making the turn before losing control of his vehicle. The recommended speed for the turn is 45 mph. Police policy for Greenville County says that officers must exercise due regard when responding to emergency situations in order to not harm others on the road. The lawsuit alleges that the deputy acted negligently when he responded to the accident at such high speeds.

All motorists have the responsibility to travel at speeds safe enough to prevent car crashes from occurring. In this case, the deputy was traveling 15 mph over the recommended speed at the time of the accident. Since the data shows that he may have acted negligently when responding to the other vehicle, the sheriff’s office may be responsible for medical and compensatory damages to the injured family. This is where the guidance of a personal injury lawyer could be helpful.


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