GHSA cites speeding as factor in one third of traffic deaths

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Speeding is a persistent factor in traffic accidents, causing nearly one in three automobile-related fatalities every year. This is according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association entitled “Speeding Away from Zero: Rethinking a Forgotten Traffic Safety Challenge.” The highway safety non-profit is serious about reducing roadway fatalities to zero in Georgia and the rest of the U.S.

The report states that the lack of a safety-minded culture is one reason why speeding continues to pose a challenge. Many even think that it is acceptable since no cultural stigma is attached to it like other serious traffic offenses. Lax law enforcement may be to blame as well.

Besides better education and stricter law enforcement, including the use of automated speed enforcement cameras, the GHSA recommends the building of structures like roundabouts that force drivers to slow down. Even a slight decrease in travel speed will lower one’s chances for a crash as well as reduce the severity of those crashes that do occur. This will help save lives, especially among cyclists and pedestrians.

New York City, Boston and other urban areas have curbed speeding through changes to their speed limits. While this is good, similar efforts must be extended to rural and suburban regions, the GHSA contends. A greater proportion of speeding-related deaths occur in these regions.

Lack of awareness of the dangers of speeding will not excuse anyone who causes a car accident. Speeding is a negligent act and thus opens innocent victims to the possibility of filing a personal injury claim. A successful claim might cover medical bills, property damage, lost wages, diminished capacity to earn a living and other losses. Those who wish to file may consider talking with a lawyer and hiring him or her for negotiations.


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