AAA: infotainment systems raise risk for car crash

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New technology, especially infotainment systems, can be highly distracting for drivers in Georgia and across the U.S. Researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study on 30 infotainment systems for AAA, all of them found on new 2017 cars. Seven had a moderate level of demand, 11 a high level and 12 very high. Car models with the most demanding infotainment systems include the Audi Q7 QPP, Chrysler 300 C and Dodge Durango GT.

Researchers say that manufacturers are not being selective with the technology that’s going into vehicles. Some capabilities are irrelevant to driving, such as calling, texting and checking social media. Some features even allow finger painting while driving.

The study involved drivers aged 21 to 36 who were told to use the various features while behind the wheel. Researchers found that using the GPS and texting would visually and mentally distract drivers for more than 40 seconds, making them the two most dangerous activities. This is especially the case because experts say that taking one’s eyes off the road for two seconds can double the risk for an accident.

Using voice control features and even listening to the radio can cause inattention. During the study, drivers would often swerve out of their lanes, drive past stop signs and drive under the speed limit.

One in three Americans uses an infotainment system while driving; this means a lot are engaging in a form of negligent driving. When distracted driving or another form of negligence is behind a car accident, those who are injured through no fault of their own can see a lawyer about filing a claim and being reimbursed for their losses. These might include medical expenses, vehicle repair costs and lost wages. The lawyer may negotiate for a fair settlement with the defendant’s auto insurance company.


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